Double deck trailer hire

The amount of goods that are being transported by road in the UK has been steadily increasing in recent times. The trend has directly got to do with the increase in the number of double deck trailers in the country. A simple online search and you will realize that double deck trailer hire is a major industry in UK.

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Reduced costs

One of the reasons behind their rising popularity is the simple fact that these double decked vehicles effective double volumetric capacity per trailer. What this in turn means is lower transportation costs for you. It is therefore not surprising to find an increasing number of businesses using these vehicles.

Boon for retailers

The retail boom of recent times is another reason driving forward the demand for these vehicles. When it comes to hauling goods from the distribution centers to retail stores or from warehouses to retailers, with these double decked vehicles, you can rest assured that the products would be transported in a safe and timely manner. So, if you are into the retailing business, you need not look beyond these hard-working trailers.


The availability of these trailers in various configurations is another reason why they lend themselves to several types of loads. For example, stacked boxes are best suited to the fixed double deck trailers. Similarly, there are the ratchet trailers, where modules can be re positioned in order to fit in loads of particular dimensions. Then you also have the hydraulically powered models which are widely used to lift heavy loads. To put it in a nutshell, whatever may be the configuration, size or shape of your consignment, these trailers are game for it.

Specialized goods

If you are someone who wants to transport goods in a temperature controlled environment, once again, specially refrigerated multi-deck trailers can help you out. These refrigerated versions cater to the specialized needs of sectors such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals transportation. These vehicles can also be used for transport of perishable products such as fruits and vegetables, which sometimes need a temperature controlled environment.

Faster loading and unloading

With the advent of specialized equipment for loading and unloading, adherence to transport schedules has become much easier these days. For examples, fork lifts can be used for loading goods efficiently onto the trailers. Similarly, as mentioned earlier, the use of hydraulic lifts can ensure that an entire deck is fully loaded and simply lifted into position, saving both time and labour.

Reduction in pollution

Another reason why people should be using these double deck vehicles more is because they help in reduction of harmful CO2 emissions. As these vehicles carry more load, which means lesser number of trips, as well as lesser number of trucks on the road, it would automatically mean reduction in pollution levels, not to mention the enormous savings in transportation costs too.

Height restrictions

Since there are fewer height restrictions in the UK, as compared to other European countries, it makes economic sense to use the services of a double deck trailer hire company. Tunnels and bridges in this country allow for sufficient height clearances for these vehicles to pass smoothly.